Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rookie Brewing Adventure - Success!

Yesterday it was about failure, but today I'm here to gloat.  After 5-ish weeks of waiting, the jalapeno saison was released for consumption.  First, the essential, everyone drank, no one died.  Second, the more essential, it tasted awesome.  Right out of the gate, the first thing you notice is the smell of jalapeno.  It was unique and, you know, earthy.

The taste was very light, with spicy notes (shut up Kyle).  It finished clean, and while it's hard to know the actual alcohol content, I think it was above the standard 5% ABV.  It was a fantastic first experience brewing beer and I'm not sure if it was good by chance or method, I'm just glad it was good.  Everyone, except Kyle, really seemed to like it.  Kyle kept asking why it didn't taste more like cider, despite my attempts to explain the different between cider and beer.  I've still got one 15 ounce bottle lingering in the fridge for a special occasion, or until I need that Grolsch bottle.

Also, if you're a beer drinker in a space equal to or greater than 500 square feet, you should definitely buy the kit and get to brewing yourself.  So much fun.  So gratifying.

What's next?  I'm glad you were planning to ask, but couldn't because this is largely a one way medium.  On Sunday I brewed up a batch of Tripel and I've been advised by my beer brewing mentor, Neil, to let it sit because it can only get better.  I'm not sure my patience will hold out, unless I buy a new gallon carboy to get a second batch of something brewing.  Also, I bought proper sanitizer and used it when I prepped for the new batch.  Second also, despite the post time, this post is fueled by Magic Hat Hex.


  1. I think I'm going to buy the Bourbon Dubbel kit and give it a try... Just out of curiosity, what type of yeast did they send with your kit? Is it dry or liquid?

  2. It's been dry yeast for the three kits I've brewed up. Need to get an update post up about current project.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, I just put in an order from Northern Brewer for some items to make a Sweet Czech Pilsner and Spiced Hard Cider this weekend, but I added some Belgium Abbey yeast just in case I give that Bourbon Dubbel a try too.