Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rookie Brewing Adventure Update

When last I reported on my home brewing adventures, the jalapeno saison was a success and a batch of tripel was fermenting in my carboy.  Well after that post I decided to buy a second carboy so I can have two batches brewing.  And so this past weekend I brewed up a batch of Everyday IPA from the Brooklyn Brew Shop.  I followed the instructions, but in the last five minutes decided to throw a pepper in the wort for the final five minutes a la the jalapeno saison.

With two batches fermenting it'll be a little while before a report out the results of these brews.  I plan to bottle the IPA on October 1st after three weeks in the carboy and then bottle the tripel on October 9th after 6 weeks in the carboy.  I already have a new adventure I'm considering that would take me away from the predetermined kits with this Pumpkin Ale recipe.

So stay tuned for updates and as always, consider taking a shot a brewing.  It's fun and easy.


  1. I like the adventurous spirit! The spice of the pepper should be nice offset to the hoppy bitterness of the IPA. I'm not sure what it is about homebrewing... but the equipment seems to multiple on its

    On a related note, I tried contact the Brooklyn Brew Shop but I haven't heard anything yet. Do you have a phone number for them?

  2. I'm afraid I don't. I only every interact with them through the website.